it took more than a few people to hold #thiskid still, even after the “calming medicine.” they were all equally impressed with his strength and consistency. i couldn’t help. i faint easily. #toddlerlife

apparently the new tile on our shower floor is a little slippery… #thiskid took a spill and sliced open his eyebrow. yes. same eyebrow he sliced open last summer, but lower and longer. he’s numbed up, so he doesn’t mind at all. #toddlerlife

i suspect these crape myrtle trees aren’t going to ‘flourish’ in our yard… #thiskid wants to climb whatever is in his proximity!

his first time up on stage for the finale at storytime this morning. he couldn’t resist grabbing the rings.

his first time up on stage for the finale at storytime this morning. he couldn’t resist grabbing the rings.

#thiskid is so talkative in the car these days! i captured a few moments of dialogue over my shoulder at a stop sign, including:

"my buts, my buts, (sic. my buttons, my four groovy) foovy buttons" (pete the cat)
“all done (sic. taking my) picture?”
“go home see willie?” (our dog)
“it goes up, and down”

#thiskid & @themrbros make my world go round #sixteenohsix #frontporch #scenesfrommyfrontporch

you do not know the true origin of your children. you call them yours but they belong to a greater mystery. you do not know the name of this mystery, but it is the true mother and father of your children.
at birth your children are filled with possibilities. it is not your job to limit these possibilities. do not say, “this and that are possible for you. these other things are not.” they will discover on their own what is and is not possible. it is your job to help them stay open to the marvelous mysteries of life.
-william martin, the parent’s tao te ching #truth #taoteching #dharma #parenthood #toddlerlife #embryoadoption #snowflakebaby #infinitepossibilities @themrbros

#scenesfrommyfrontporch #thiskid #toddlerlife #wholeheartedjournal

#thiskid tried for over ten minutes to put my sweater on in the wind by himself #willfulchild #toddlerlife #wholeheartedjournal

giax borrowed his friend graydon’s mini micro scooter this morning at playgroup. these were his first few moments kickin’ along. i’m pretending he’s going to soon figure out he’s more comfortable standing with his left foot planted and pumping with his right foot…

#thiskid asked if he could color, then grabbed his #lisafrank coloring book and had a seat. i brought him one marker and he spent the next ten minutes coloring a little bit on each page. yes. on the pages of the coloring book. not the walls, not the table, not the dog, not his clothes. and he was sitting down. i wasn’t even near him. and just like that, my little boy grew up. #developmentalmilestone #toddlerlife

#thiskids first #barefooted hike of the season. he committed to it by throwing one of his crocs in the stream (it promptly floated away). #allgone #toddlerlife #barefootforlife

Reinterpreted childrens’ literature


for those evenings where you’re reading the same book to your kid for the hundredth time and anyway he’s too young to understand it all, here, courtesy of buzzfeed, are some reinterpretations, such as: 



and my favorite,


decisions, decisions… #sixteenohsix