"i’m gonna rock your world"

giacomo e di quattro settimane!

this week chad went back to work on tuesday, following the president’s day holiday. monday night giacomo had his first “cranky” and somewhat sleepless night. (coincidence?… i think not.)

giacomo and i kept ourselves busy around the house this week. i found that wrapping the moby wrap around myself and wearing him around is his favorite way to spend the day. it also gives me a hands-free opportunity to make myself lunch, which is great. on thursday we even met chad at bicentennial park during his lunch break when the temps were in the upper 70’s. how great is that?

this week in pop culture… we were excited to learn that bill maher donated $1-mil to obama’s super pac and we’re looking forward to watching (at least portions of) the oscars. we haven’t seen all the nominated movies, but of those we have seen, we’re rooting for “the help” to win the best picture award.

we are also preparing for our big family “sip & see” this week/end. stay tuned for lots of photos… xo

(big thanks to lisa dubuque for the adorable outfit!)

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  1. not-he-nor-she-just-me said: my goodness everything seems to be working out just so splendidly for you, it’s fabulous! When I have children one day I hope I can be even half as blessed as you. Congratulations again, it’s just beautiful to be able to follow your story x
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