this kid is one month away from his 2nd birthday. i can hardly believe it. but, really i can. so much has changed, even in the last month. he’s a total “kid” right now, and it’s so much fun to watch him develop and evolve.

some current noteworthy items:

*he is sporting no fewer than three injuries on his face

*i’m trying to teach him manners. so far, he covers his mouth when he coughs, says “please” when he asks for something (mostly when prompted) & “tee too” (thank you) when he receives it

*the world is his gymnasium - there is nothing he won’t climb on or jump off

*he still naps in the car - everyday - for about three hours. i’m not complaining.

*he selects his pajamas (shirt/pants) every night

*enjoys bubbles in his bath

*is obsessed with pete the cat & wakes every-single-day saying “white shoes!”

*calls all gentlemen over 60 “papa”

*favorite toy = play doh

*favorite food = curry cashews

i have to say, in all honesty, this is REALLY getting fun now.

…and it just keeps getting better.


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"finding our families" by wendy kramer was released on december 3rd.  it’s december 4th, and i’ve read most of it.  it’s an easy read and lots of it doesn’t really pertain to my family, which is a bit frustrating.  it focuses on donor families, but nothing (yet?) about embryo adoption. embryo adoption really falls into its own category — not quite donor-issue, not quite traditional adoption.  and to keep things exciting, giacomo banjo sort of falls into both categories, because his genetic egg provider was, in fact, a donor.

we registered on (DSR) when i was still pregnant. we became lifetime members once giacomo was born.  i actually communicated directly with wendy kramer by email when i registered because there really isn’t a clear way to list your request if you’re an embryo-adopted child. together, we figured out a somewhat redundant way to request contact from the genetic sperm provider separately from the genetic egg donor.  needless to say, we haven’t heard from either.  

we are somewhat hopeful that the egg donor will be interested enough to check out the DSR at some point.  we have less hope about the couple who actually donated their remaining embryos.  we have been told that when they donated the embryos they were not at all interested in learning more about any children who might result, but were directed to the DSR if they ever changed their minds in the future.

it is still my greatest wish for him that he have the opportunity to connect with his genetic providers one day.  fingers crossed…


UPDATE: i just checked the DSR and received a message from the mother of one of giacomo’s half siblings.  i learned that he has a genetically related half-brother, named “max” who was born in january 2013 — one year after giacomo.  giacomo’s egg donor was in fact, a returning donor, meaning she had donated once before, apparently to a family who then went on to donate their remaining embryos, just like giacomo’s genetic sperm provider’s family did.  i am pretty much freaking out right now.  

@themrbros just brought be a lovely cheese plate to enjoy in the car while #giacomobanjo naps #seriously #truelove #lovethislife (at sixteenohsix)

his #aden+anais #blankie has been tagged for #playcare #giacomobanjo #thiskid

this is what happens when you are #giacomobanjo’s favorite book. #disassembled #boardbook #thiskid #currently #whohooareyou #cockadoodledoo

"this thing doesn’t drive at all like our #bmw #m5 did, mom…" -#giacomobanjo #playcare #greenhillschilddevelopment#greencar {pic courtesy of ms rachel} (at Green Hills Child Development)

#thiskid is enjoying a little seaweed at snack time with new friends. i can’t believe he’s sitting down! {photo taken/sent by miss rachel} #greenhillschilddevelopment#giacomobanjo #luckykid (at Green Hills Child Development)

#thiskid’s #firstday of playcare at #greenhillschilddevelopment. with his finger up his nose he should make lots of new friends… #milestone #giacomobanjo (at Green Hills Child Development)

rain boots were necessary for indoor play today #crocs #thiskid #pickingmybattles #giacomobanjo

then this happened. poor trudie. #minitraceur #traceur #parkour #giacomobanjo #thiskid

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barstools = climbing apparatus #minitraceur #traceur #parkour #freerunning #giacomobanjo #thiskid

when he’s not climbing… #giacomobanjo #lovethiskid @themrbros

i thought it would be fun. i wouldn’t have to hold him while i was making dinner and he could see what i was doing (& maybe even learn to help, little by little). instead, it’s a montessori-esque piece of furniture that assists my son in climbing right onto the countertop… #whatwasithinking #traceur #traceurinthemaking #parkour #freerunning #giacomobanjo