one & done?

we’ve been wondering, too… will we add another child to our family?

how do people decide?

i guess most families start with a pre-conceived (pun intended) idea of what their family will look like, what members it will contain. “two children, one dog, one cat, white picket fence, station wagon…” but that didn’t happen for us. in fact, we were undecided about marriage and children in the first place - and now we have two remaining embryos and one perfect (and i mean perfect) little boy. do we go for another?

how do we decide?

there may be pros and cons for us as parents, but more importantly what might benefit giacomo most? i’m an only child, while chad has a sister five years his junior, so we each come to the table with our own perspectives on siblings versus solo life.

there are no guarantees in life, nothing to assure us that a second child might not upset our lovely apple cart… or perhaps they would be the icing on our cake and their addition to our family made us feel “complete?” how will we know how to decide?

one aspect we are certain of is that we would want our children to all be biologically related to each other. we would only add to our family by using one of our remaining embryos. it feels very important to us. in fact, so important that we’ve taken measures to see to it that we don’t have any of our own biological children. the chances of me becoming pregnant with my egg and chad’s sperm were very slim, but just to be certain, chad had a vasectomy this afternoon.

the procedure went very well and took about 45-minutes from beginning to end. we will be spending this weekend around the house, keeping things low-keyed and focusing on his speedy recovery.

…and probably having pizza for dinner at least one time.